Gear Knobs for BMW Fitment- V2 Weighted Short Throw Shift Knob


The image above shows our V2 Gear knob alongside our Handbrake Handle as fitted to an E46 M3. Both the brushed finish and the bespoke Titanium Plated finish are shown.

Inspired by the ultimate track focused BMW - the E30 M3, here we present another short throw shifter precision machined from Stainless Steel billet. (Please Scroll down)

Main Benefits

  • Weighted for smooth and precise gearchanges
  • Shorter than stock height for reduced throw
  • OEM style


The V2 weighs in at just over 450g which significantly removes the notchiness of the BMW gearchange and allows for a more precise and solid feel. The difference between the standard gear knob and the V2 is significant-you won't believe it until you've tried it!.

Size & Shape

The shape is identical to the OEM E30 M3 shifter but almost an inch shorter to enable a reduced throw. This one is for the purists who want to maintain an OEM look but still reap the benefits of a smoother gearchange from the weight of the steel. It features an emblem which you have a choice between OEM or our own Storm Motorwerks styles.

Emblems come in the following types:

6 Speed Storm Style

Available in brushed stainless steel or Titanium plated for a dark gun metal grey finish. Fits all current BMWs including E36, E46, E90, Z3, Z4

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