BMW Gearknobs - V4 Weighted Short Throw Shift Knob

V4 BMW Gear Shift Knob

The image above shows our V4 Gearknob alongside our V4 Handbrake Handle as fitted to an E39 M5.

Designed and machined specifically for your BMW, this shift knob combines the quality of stainless steel billet with the luxury of leather

Being CNC precision machined from Stainless Steel billet, the V4 gearknob is naturally weighted for a smoother gearchange. Combined with the tactile feel of soft nappa leather, the V4 gearknob is a delight to use.

Main Benefits

  • Weighted for smooth gear-changes
  • Shorter than stock height for reduced throw
  • Tactile feel of genuine leather

Finishes and leather options:

Storm Motorwerks

Designed for leather

We have specifically designed the V4 to include a leather or alcantara wrap by machining a "cut-out" section along the gearknob the same depth as the thickness of the leather. This allows the wrap to be flush with the shift knob giving a finished look and a natural feel.

Short Shift Kits

This shift-knob is an ideal add-on to a factory or aftermarket short shift kit. Such kits increase the resistance during gearchange - amplifying the inherent notchiness but our shift knob allows you to have the benefits of your short shift kit without this extra resistance.

Available in brushed stainless steel or Titanium plated for a dark gun metal grey finish. Fits all current BMWs including E36, E46, E39, E92, Z3, Z4

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