Titanium Plated - PVD - Finish


The image above shows some of our Titanium Plated items.

Storm Motorwerks are proud to present a world first - Titanium Plated - Stainless Steel machined interior accessories! (Please Scroll down)

Usually only found in exotic supercars and high end watches, we're bringing you the chance to own something very unique and bespoke. These products have a layer of Titanium deposited over the Stainless Steel leaving a rich Gun-Metal grey finish.

The stainless steel goes through an involved process called Physical Vapour Deposition whereby ionised Titanium particles alongside other elements are emitted towards the products in a high temperature vacuum. There are many stages to this operation leaving a stunning end result. The product retains the machined look where the "grains" allow the light to reflect off them adding depth to the finish.

Being Gun-Metal grey, this colour goes well with most interiors- Black, grey, etc. It will also go well with any Carbon Fibre parts in the car.

Storm Motorwerks

Storm Motorwerks

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