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S Taylor

I would just like to say a big thank you to Bilal at Stormwerks for the epic design of his new SMG paddles……… I was lucky enough to be the first customer and also lucky enough to have him fit them and even when I first saw them in the box I knew that these were going to be something special and added to the rest of my special Stormwerks collection, and after fitment and use I was correct.

The brushed stainless steel look just oozes quality and the design makes the OEM ones which BMW must have ploughed big bucks into look like something you would find on the shelves of Halfords ……….. I can safely say that the Neoprene feel gives you the feeling of so much more control of the paddle than the OEM ones could ever do.

For anyone thinking of buying these I can safely say that you will not be disappointed and I give them 10 out of 10



I fitted the paddles over Christmas and they're superb. I love the look and feel of them. The neoprene is a touch of genius. In this cold weather, the neoprene is warm and soft to the touch. Superb. and I'm convinced the gear-changes are slicker and quicker .

I’ve bought all the Storm Motorwerks products available for the E46 M3 SMG. They’re in a different class to other aftermarket products. They’re all about form and function. The form is perfect – understated and classy – taking your car’s interior to a level of aesthetics that matches the heights of its technical attributes. To an untrained eye, the Storm handbrake, gearknob, gaiter ring, paddles and satnav knobs look as if they belong there, as if the car came from the factory with them fitted, because the design is so well judged. But for anyone who owns them, who has put them side by side with the original parts, the difference is massive. These parts are what your car deserves.

I assume a helluva lotta time has been spent on creating these – time and thought and care – because they’re works of art, and the function is every bit as artful as the form. The products are made from the best materials. They are weighty, solid, and this level of quality isn’t just about limiting the wear and tear of time. It’s about how the product feels in your hand, how tactile it is, how it will improve your driving experience. It’s about how it will make gear-changes slicker and quicker, make your handbrake engagement more positive, make the simple act of turning on your stereo more positive.

. Storm products ensure the time spent in your car is even better than your first time. I really can’t speak highly enough of them. And as if all this weren’t enough, the customer care is second to none. The guys at Storm are passionate about their products, and they want you to be passionate about them too. Always informative, supportive, and keen to follow up on how you’ve got on with their products. Believe me, if you’re modding your car, Storm Motorwerks is where you need to start.


0-60 Motorsports

First impressions while driving are that I don't have tor each for the paddles any more. I know that sounds weird but with the neorprene backing the paddles are a light touch away and a tactile feel no matter what the ambient temperature is.

I absolutely love the extra padding and feel while shifting. Also the illuminated + and - signs are cool and match beautifully with the OEM orange interior and gauge cluster lighting.

All I have to say is STORM MOTORWERKS Customers service is amazing and so are the beautiful parts they make. Thank you for listening to your customers suggestions.





Storm-Motorwerks has done it again, this time adding a redesign of the SMG shift paddles to their collection. By changing the shape of the paddle to a more ergonomic design and adding self powered illuminating +/-, the guys at Storm have truly engineered automotive art!

Build: Absolutely top notch. Just like their e-brakes/shift knobs and other M3 interior accessories, the build quality and feel is just perfect. Ive now had their Shift knob for close to a year its still as good as new, so its no assumption these will hold up just as well.

Feel: I've now had mine installed for the past week, through daily driving, canyon, and recently a track day. The placement angle of the paddles as well as Storm Motorwerks unique soft rubber backing, just add further to the ultimate driving experience of the e46 SMG equipped cars.

Illumination: Adding a new feature to the paddles, the illumination is a perfect touch to the paddles. The glow at night is closely color matched with the natural BMW orange illumination. It's a fantastic cherry on top!

I've now owned 4 sets of SMG paddles, including 3 sets of the cheap ebay ones in Aluminum, Black Aluminum and Carbon Fiber. NONE have come close in quality or feel as the Storm Motorwerks paddles. The ebay ones never left me comfortable on spirited drives or track days selecting through gears. Storm's rubber backing just seems to be right where your fingers should naturally press as to decrease the distance from your fingers to the actual paddle.

Like all their interior products, these should look as if they should have come factory with the car. Unlike the ebay ones, you get a simple classy appearance that improves the quality of the interior immensely.




VERDICT :- all i can say is WOW what a beautiful piece of engineering- superb quality and feel- they mould into your fingers and are a MASSIVE improvement over everything else on the market- and i love the illumination- subtle yet effective :-) Well done Storm



After using my paddles for a few days, all I can say is WOW! Gear changes are effortless, and they feel great to use, cant stop changing gear now!!..pmsl Also they look fantastic in the day and night!



The paddles arrived packaged in a really well presented box which gives you the impression that the contents are going to be something a little bit special. When you open the box you'll find the paddles are securely held in a foam block to prevent any damage in transit. Fitting them took a few minutes and was really easy to do.

I went for the titanium plated ones and they ooze quality and compliments the rest of the car's interior. Under close scrutiny I couldn't find any imperfections. They make the standard SMG paddles from BMW look cheap. The neoprene backing actually makes the process of changing gears pleasurable. They have a nice warm feel to them even during the winter weather. The illuminated + and - gear shift symbols glow constantly and match the rest of the cars interior lights. They don't glow too brightly so they won't distract you.

All in all I fully recommend Storm Motorwerks accessories. They're extremely well made and lot of thought has gone into the designs. They are like a breath of fresh air for the interior of you car.