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Having been fortunate enough to have seen the Storm gear knobs in action @ the Nurburgring, and witnessing the attention to detail Storm put into their products, I knew the handbrake handle would be just as good! ………..

………First thing Saturday out I trotted to the car and fitted it up. What can I say? The craftsmanship is simply astounding. The handle is a joy to use even after getting into the car following it being left in direct sunlight. It's a very nice finishing touch for me and integrates nicely with my interior…..

….Now, the above may not sound that impressive to some of you, but it speaks volumes for those of us that have struggled with various after market bits and pieces which state "exact fit" and then require all sorts of arsing about to get them to fit properly...... So, if you're considering a new gear lever handle may I suggest you seriously look into what Storm are offering. As someone who has huge respect for engineering quality I'm delighted with my latest interior addition.

Quick note to Storm - stop making stuff I can't help but NEED!!!! My girly seriously questions my sanity when I get excited over "a new shiney bit" for my car!



... The handbrake handle is a piece of art, the button fits perfectly, and it’s also much bigger than the std button.

The handbrake handle and button makes traffic stops and parking a joy, as said before the button is much bigger than std, which makes pulling/releasing the handbrake so much easier.

For those who are still deciding about the Storms items, Get them!! You wont regret!

They don’t just look good but also makes driving a joy.