Gear knobs for MINI fitment - Storm Motorwerks Weighted, Stainless-Steel Shift Knob


The image above shows our V1 Gear knob alongside our Handbrake Handle as fitted to a 2006 MINI Cooper. Both the brushed finish and the bespoke Titanium Plated finish are shown.

Machined specifically for fitment to the MINI, our shift knob is a very classy addition to your interior. Available in brushed stainless steel or Titanium plated for a dark gun metal grey finish.

R50 - First Generation Fitment

For the first generation MINI (2001 to 2006) we have designed the V1 specifically to sit lower over the gearstick than the standard version. This reduces the gap between the leather gaiter and the base of the shift knob for a more complete look. The V1 shift knob has been designed with a 2" main diameter which allows for an ergonomic feel and superior grip to the standard version. It comes engraved with the Wings logo and either the 5 or 6 speed pattern.

R56 - Second Generation Fitment

The second generation MINI (2007 onwards) uses a revised gearstick assembly where the leather gaiter (boot) snaps into place on the shift knob. The gearstick itself has a slightly longer length where the shift knob would sit. To accomodate this, we have designed an additional insert to go into the V1 which allows for a perfect fit over the revised gearstick. This insert also allows the leather gaiter to lock into place just like the standard design

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