Billet Illuminated Sat Nav knobs

Storm Motorwerks

Introducing the Storm Motorwerks Billet Sat Nav Knobs. Precision machined from billet Stainless Steel, these items replace the standard plastic/rubber volume and control knobs found on the factory Sat Nav systems in cars such as the E46, E39 and E53 Series BMWs.

Design & Fit

We have incorporated a unique design feature in our billet Sat Nav Knobs - ILLUMINATION. When the side lights or headlamps are switched on, the illumination from the Sat Nav unit is projected through the billet Knob and a ring of light then glows near the tip which compliments the illuminated ring already on the Sat Nav unit at the base of the knob. Since this is a passive system, no wiring is required. The effect is subtle and beautiful with 2 illuminated rings on display.

Fitment is simple - the original items simply pull off and the billet versions simply push back on. There are a few different Sat nav systems onto which our Sat Nav Knobs can be fitted such as the E46, E39 and E53 models. The images below show the base stems onto which the billet knobs can be fitted. If in doubt just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Available in brushed stainless steel and Titanium Plated for a bespoke dark gun metal grey finish.

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